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From The Desk of The CEO

Thursday, 19 March 2009 00:00
imageDr. Asman, C.E.O

From The Desk of The C.E.O.

The time to go into private practice has long been overdue and finally my dream of having the first Ghanaian-owned Biomedical Engineering Firm has been realized.

MEDIWISE International Co. Ltd (MWI) was officially birthed in October 2008 with 3 qualified Biomedical Engineers, 7 Hospital Engineers and over 25 Hospital Technicians well vexed in all the pieces of medical technological devices likely to be found in any typical hospital.

MEDIWISE was founded on the realization that there was gross wastage of Medical Technological devices in developing countries as a result of inadequate technical support for planning, acquisition and use of these devices and that there was a dire need for such a company with brilliant expertise to solve this problem.  
The company is a merger of the Technical Department of Hospital Engineering Limited (Ghana) and Medical Technology Frontiers (MTF) which have been in operation well over 30 years and 12 years respectively. The merger was dedicated to the establishment of a professional biomedical technical support facility in Ghana geared, primarily towards supporting the planning, acquisition and application of medical (and related) equipment from any manufacturer and/or supplier into health facilities in the African continent as a whole.

My vision is to promote efficiency in healthcare delivery by providing technical support for the acquisition and use of hospital equipment. In order to achieve this, MEDIWISE is divided into three departments.
They are
A.   The Consultancy Department which provides consultancy services for the rational planning and acquisition of Hospital Equipment  and offers a composite package of Health Technology Management consultancy services, in the areas of

  • Health Systems development Planning
  • Hospital Equipment Acquisition and Application Planning, and
  • Establishment of Hospital equipment Management Systems.

B.   The Technical Department which offers comprehensive technical support for the application of hospital equipment in the following areas

  • Clearing of Medical devices from the port of entry, temporal storage pending installation and expect transportation to recipient facilities.
  • Carrying out pre-installation assessment and works to match hospital equipment to its environment of use
  • Carrying out professional installation works that ensure functionality and safety of use.
  • Carrying out user, application and technical training programs for the client designed to ensure optimum use of devices
  • Initiate and carry out comprehensive PPM (planned preventive maintenance) and corrective maintenance programs designed to ensure high performance of equipment in use and the sustenance of the technology for its full life span

C.   The Sales Department which markets and sells complex modern technologically advanced medical devices.

MEDIWISE, although a young company has a very bright future and I hope we will be the shining star that initiates a paradigm shift in the maintenance culture of the Technical Departments in our Hospitals.

Thank you.


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